As you all know, I’ve been a LoPHAT amps and Cabs artist/rep for sometime. Paul Tidwell Sr., in Canoga Park California builds these amazing amps. I happened to stumble upon a video by a fellow LoPhat artist, bought one, and haven’t looked back since. I currently own the 800D head, 2×10 and 2×12 cabinets. I’m expecting the arrival of the 2×8 and 4×10 cabs very soon. All four of these cabs are three-way and the 4×10 is the first and only three-way 4×10 in production!

 I am also awaiting the arrival of my Regenerate Guitar Works (RGW) VRB 5.3. These guys are class act and build wonderful instruments. Of course, it’ll be loaded with Honey badger pickups!

 Back to Curt Mangan I’m excited to announce that we are working on my very own signature set of stainless and nickel strings. They totally go above and beyond for me!

I’m currently working with CK Carlton Guitars and Prana Basses on a couple of projects, more info to come about this later.

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